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Each rock layer that corresponded to a unit of the Geologic Time Chart was identified in a somewhat haphazard manner.

The Paleozoic Era was not identified and included in the developing time chart until 1838, however the Devonian Period of the Paleozoic Era was identified a year earlier in 1837.

From the largest units to the smaller units, they are: Geochronologic units have the same names as the chronostratigraphic units that they represent.

For example, the Cambrian System is a rock unit, and the Cambrian Period is a time unit.

In the late 1790's, an English canal builder, William Smith (1769 - 1839), discovered the most important tool for relative age dating.

Smith noted that fossils did not occur in a haphazard pattern in the rocks, but rather in a definite and determinable, systematic sequence.

Eons are the largest subdivisions of time, then periods, then epochs.Using fundamental principles of geology (Steno's Laws, Fossil Succession, etc.) to determine which rocks are older and which are younger."A is older than B." Quantifying the date in years. a) radioactive decay b) alpha decay c) beta decay d) nucleus decay 8.) Surfaces of discontinuity that encompass significant amounts of geologic time are_______________. a.correlation b.superposition c.actualism d.cross cutting relationship 15) What is one half-life of Carbon-14? ______________ is the general process whereby an unstable atomic nucleus is spontaneously transformed? “Spirit Stuff” 14) Physical laws are the same today as in the past?

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Microsoft Word has an automated Table of Contents (TOC) feature that comes in handy when you want to organize a long document.

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Its crust is continually being created, modified, and destroyed.

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